Here’s what Analyze for Safety is all about

If you are an engineer like me, you have probably a lot of questions about a lot of topics…The nature of an engineer is to be curious about things, so it’s normal !

Recently, I was doing a project about FEA analysis of a pressure vessel for the first time in my life and I had so many questions that I thought my head would explode:

– When is FEA needed for pressure vessel design ? Is it actually required or not?

– What is stress categorization ? How to identify membrane, bending and peak stresses?

– When do I have to use Shell mesh and when can I use Solid mesh to model a vessel?

– What is stress linearization?

-and much more…


Then, I realized that if I had those questions, a lot of engineers may have the same questions, so why not create a common platform where everyone can share his point of view about those topics?

I know a lot of engineers are actually proud to keep the knowledge acquired for themselves, so it can proves their expertise, but I am a strong believer in the fact that If I can help someone with what I know, it will provide a solution that will not only make his life better, but will make the world itself better and this person will be hundred times grateful to me for that. It will make his life better and in return, it will make my life better.

You may think that people will value you for the knowledge you have but this just isn’t true and the reason is simple…no one knows what is your knowledge until you brought it to light in a blog post for example !

This is why this blog is like an open platform for engineers in pressure vessel industry who want to share what they know to make the world better and safer !

Some famous engineers like Trevor Seipp (Consultant at Becht Engineering) and Tony abbey (FE Analysis Trainer at NAFEMS) already agreed to publish their insightful posts on the blog and I thank them very much for that !

If you are ready to contribute immediately, you can submit your post here

If you are still hesitating about the benefits to join, here what you will get:

– Lifetime recognition by some peers engineers about your knowledge and skills

– The possibility to make a brand for yourself or your company through writing of remarkable technological insights

– The satisfaction and happiness to help people that will become your student for life (because we never forget from who we learnt the most useful tips)

If you don’t know how to write, here are some simple directives that you can follow up.

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