Introduction to Linear and Nonlinear Buckling Analysis

Buckling is a dangerous phenomenon which can cause sudden failure of the structure, leading to potential economic or even life losses. It is therefore important to understand the buckling behaviors if the design involves slender structures bearing compressive load, that is commonly encountered in large steel structures of marine & offshore, mining and construction industries. … Read more

Buckling analysis of composite cylinders: Try by yourself

Have you some experience with buckling analysis of composite cylinders? Composite materials are used a lot in pressure vessels because of their great structural properties (see below), so I decided to write something about them in tha case of a buckling analysis (to continue on the previous post about bucklingĀ I wrote) I found this awesome … Read more

Design By Analysis: Save More Steel and Money in your Pressure Vessel Design

Have you ever wondered why most pressure vessel design firms are using finite element methodĀ for their design by analysis of pressure vessels? I will demonstrate in this article that it is possible to get allowable pressure for design with several methods and which one is the most efficient to save material and money. The three … Read more

Usage of FEA tool for pressure vessel lifecycle prediction in regard to ASME regulations

Introduction This short example has been prepared to demonstrate usage of FEA tool for pressure vessel lifecycle prediction in regard to ASME regulations. FEA software when properly tempered by comparisons with test data can be highly helpful to provide better answers for many cases. The purpose of this analysis is to show that this pressure … Read more

Storage Tank FEA Video Tutorial

Storage Tank FEA Video Tutorial

Spherical pressure vessel with a cylindrical Nozzle FEA

Introduction Thin wall pressure vessels are widely used in industry for storage and transportation of liquids and gases. Most of such pressure vessels are either cylindrical or spherical: A sphere is the optimal geometry for a closed pressure vessel because it is the most structurally efficient shape of both. This document provides an example of … Read more

Simple 3D Pressure Vessel FEA Analysis for beginners

Simple 3D Pressure Vessel FEA Analysis for beginners