Pressure Vessel Engineer Wanted : 25000 USD Reward

Hello Cowboy,

If you are reading this post because you want to denounce a friend engineer to get the reward, I fear that you will be deceived…

You probably have a lot of questions about this blog, let’s answer them point by point !

First, the blog is called “Analyze for Safety” because Safety is the purpose number one of any responsible engineer and all the blog will be about “How to achieve a Safe Design using Simulation”.

This blog is a common sharing platform for all engineers designing pressure vessels and wanting to share their knowledge together to make the world safer and is open to anyone who wants to write either a story about his life in Pressure Vessel Design or Some useful advice for new engineers who want to start in the business.

– Various articles about concrete and challenging topics like proper definition of stress categories for ASME VIII, proper definition of stress linearization, questions frequently asked in pressure vessel design engineering…

– Interesting and vivid life stories about pressure vessel engineers and their challenges (this depends on you 😉 )

– Difference between 2D versus 3D modeling for PV Design

– How to fulfill ASME requirements for Pressure Vessel Design by Analysis

– How to find if you mesh are acceptable or not for the analysis

– Flange analysis and leakage verification

Do you another good topic idea? Let me know in the comment section

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